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Remfry Thigh Pads

The thigh guard is an essential piece of protective equipment. Getting the right size guard is important for both comfort and protection. 

We can customise your thigh protection to any shape or size, but most simply choose from the template sizes and recommendations below.


The towelling and signature are available in red, royal blue or black.  The leather, trim around the outside and strapping can be either white or black.

Remfry Thigh Guards $165AUD +Shipping

We have three template sizes for our Remfry thigh guards that you can download, print (A3 printer/paper), cut and try for size:

  1. Small Thigh(Click to download) - 36cm (14") - recommended if your height is less than 170cm (5' 7")

  2. Medium Thigh(Click to download) - 41cm (16") - recommended if your height is 175cm (5'7") - 185cm (6' 1")

  3. Large Thigh(Click to download) - 45cm (18") - recommended if you are taller than 185cm (6'1")

  • Sizes represent the longest length of the protective foam inside the leather & toweling


If you would like a more customised thigh pad we can make it any shape or size you need. 51cm is the largest custom thigh guard we have made for a 210cm tall (near 7') cricketer.

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See our Contact & Ordering page to place your order.

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