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 Remfry Chest Pads

Your ribs are there to protect your heart and lungs, but there is not much protecting the ribs themselves from those fierce short-pitched deliveries. It is certainly a painful experience when the rib cage receives a cricket ball at full speed. Bruised or cracked ribs can cause long-term discomfort making batting, bowling, fielding, and for that matter many everyday activities very painful. We can customise your chest protection to any shape or size, but most simply choose the standard template size below.


The towelling and signature are available in red, royal blue or black.  The leather, trim around the outside and strapping can be either white or black.

Remfry Chest Guards
$115AUD +Shipping

We have one template size for our chest pads that you can download, print and cut out to try for size:

  1. Chest(Click to download) - 22cm (8 1/2")

  • Size represents the longest length of the protective foam inside the leather & toweling


If you would like a more customised chest pad we can make it any shape or size you need. The chest guard has the least variance of size requests from players. Most are either the standard size or very close to.

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